Tourist Places to Visit in Gir

GirAdjacent Places/Excursions

Somnath - The heavenly places of worship of Lord Shiva, Somnathis  being considered as one of the 12 jyotirlingas and a vital journey for Hindus where its wealth were stripped by intruders. The PrabhasPatan Museum has intriguing structural parts and figures from the destroyed temples. Somnath likewise has Lord Krishna's cenotaph and washing ghats at TriveniTirth, a medieval Sun Temple, the memorable Ahilya Temple, BakhlaTirth where Krishna is said to have met his end, and a cavern temple.

Dwarka : one of the Char-dhamyatras (four sacred residences) ,  Dwarka is at the separation of 225 kms from the Gir National park. This is also one of the seven holiest cities of Hinduism. Major attractions of Dwarka are an important Krishna Temple, an alluring twelfth thirteenth century Rukmani Temple, Sankracharya's Math and the NageshwarJyotirlinga .

Veraval : This was previously a port of the Nawab of Junagadh that holds old entryways and notable structures. Situated at a distance of 36 kms from the sanctuary, this is an fishing port of Veraval, known for its dhow-building yard where huge hand-manufactured fit for sailing vessels are made.

Jetpur :Jetpur is 90 kms from the reserve area and is known as textile town being celebrated for its piece and screen printing workshops and is a perfect spot for shopping.

Girnar :Girnar is a 3660-ft long hill that ascents on the edges of Junagadh with temple on edges and on the summit. The presence  of twelfth century Jain Temples at its statures are the real attraction of the area, being studded with wonderful carvings. The location is 60 kms away from SasanGir.

Diu Island : Diu Island at 95 kms was once administered by the Portuguese and is presently a Union Territory. The island is prevalently known as a beach destination with the presence of a sixteenth century Portuguese Fort, the amazing St Paul's Church, Diu Museum and old houses. Flamingos, storks and waders can likewise be seen at the springs of Diu.