Maldhari – Tribal community in SasanGir

SasanGir Sanctuary is spot of various human settlements called Maldhari. Maldhari are ardently religious peaceful groups which have turned into a necessary part of the Gir forest for more than 125 years.  The Maldhari people group relocated into the Gir forest notwithstanding clear perils and an aggregate absence of foundation, keeping in mind the end goal to keep up their lifestyle. At the point when the recreation center was proclaimed, they were permitted to remain and proceed with their customary practices; truth be told, Gir woods is presently for all intents and purposes the main territory where the Maldharis still live as they wish. They live in settlement called "nesses" inside the forest and are engaged in the occupation of cattle rearing. There are 24 maldharinesses in Gir (East) where as 30 nesses in Gir (West). The aggregate no of individuals dwelling in the nesses are roughly 4000 and the cows populace is 19000.

It is the liberality of maldharis, who don't grudge the big cats preying on their cattle, deserve to be given credit for the steady growth in population of the Asiatic lions. The maldhari communities and lions of Gir co-exist in a win-win situation. A noteworthy part of the lion prey base is the domesticated animals of maldharis while the group picks up from free access to woods assets. Girmaldharis don't see lions as a danger. There had been no assault by the huge felines on people in the previous two decades inside the area. In addition, lions had attacked and murdered predominantly ineffective cattle, (for example, bulls, debilitated calves, matured, and biting the dust dairy cattle) for food.