Gujarat Tourism

The Archeological and in addition Historical Destinations, Beautiful shorelines, Cultural focuses, Hill stations, Wild life, Religious spots, fairs and celebrations makes Gujarat a complete tour package for visitors. Gujarat is also honored with everything a traveler anticipates.

Archaeological/Historical Destinations

Gujarat was an imperative exchanging place in the past because of its long list of archeological/Historical destinations. There was a social blend of Muslims, Zorastrians, Portugese and so on who had come to Gujarat for trading and at last settled here. This social blend consolidated with more than 4500 years of history has favored Gujarat with a portion of the best verifiable and archeological landmarks.  Some of the critical once are :

  • Lothal - Harappan civilization
  • Ahmedabad - Indo-Sarcenic architecture
  • Palitana - temples in the Jain style
  • Junagadh - Buddhist caves and Rajput architecture.
  • Champaner (Pavagadh) – Indo Islamic architecture.


Gujarat has the longest coast line in India (around 1600km). The beaches are spread all over Gujarat mainly in the Kutchh, Saurastra and the South Gujarat Region. Some of the important beaches in

Gujarat are

  • Ahmedpur-Mandvi
  • Kutch-Mandvi
  • Chorwad
  • Gopnath
  • Tithal
  • Dumas
  • Ubrahat
  • Porbandar/Dwarka
  • Somnath

To add value to these beaches, there are historical centres like Portugese forts, shore temples, princely port cities and beach palaces. This gives a unique experience of beaches and heritage to the


Hill Station

The Dangs District of Gujarat has Saputara a hill station in the Sahyadri Range. It offers the tourists all the experiences of a hill station like Sunrise and Sunset Points, Boating Facilities, Waterfalls. There are also some very attractive tourist spots near it vizMalegao, Jogbari, Bhadrapada, Ambapad,

Ahwa and Waghai.

National Parks & Wildlife Sanctuaries

Gujarat is a unique state that has many kinds of habitats. It includes forests, grasslands, wetlands and marine ecosystems. Gujarat also has wild life sanctuaries which have extremely rare wildlife like the Asiatic Lion, Wild Ass, great Indian bustard, black buck, four-horned antelope, dugong and the boralia species. These species can be seen in their natural habitat in Gujarat.


Gujarat is the only state which has a mix of Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Swaminarayan. Parsi and Christian pilgrimage centers. Some of the renowned being Somnath, Dwarka, Ambaji, Dakor, Palitana, Girnar, Pavagadh, Vishwamitra, Kapila, Dadhichi and Akshardham.

Fairs and Festivals

Gujarat could well be termed the 'Land of Festivals and Fairs' with almost 3,500 of them being celebrated in different parts of the state every year. Some of the predominant once are Navratri, Kite flying and Tarnetar. These festivals have created a brand by itself and huge number of tourist visit Gujarat for this one time experience.