There is an online permit system for Jeep Safari to visit Gir forest. At present all permits for lion safari in Gir National Park  is now available online and there is no off line ( local ) issue of permit to visit Gir forest. Please obtain permit online otherwise those who wish to visit the sanctuary without obtaining online permits will have to be content with visiting Devaliya Interpretation Zone.

In order to prevent any mischief, Forest Department have decided that each visitor will have to submit identity proof. For example, if one person was applying for permits of six people, he would have to submit ID proof for each person. A maximum of six persons can tour on a single permit.

There are two areas to visit in Gir forest :

  1. Gir Jungle Trail : ( Only Jeep Safari ) Main forest office to report and board Jeep Safari , this place is known as Sansan Gir.
  2. Devalia Safari Park or Gir Interpretation Zone : Only Bus service available no Jeep Safari.

Distance between Sasan Gir and Devalia Safari Park is 12 KM

Which location of these two places is best for me?

Chance of spotting Lion is 50 percent if you go for three hours Jungle safari on an open Jeep and natural environment of Jungle then select Gir Jungle trail. Book online permit in advance. Without permit jeep safari in gir forest is not permissible.

If you don’t have online permit and want to see Lion at Gir then go for Devalia Safari Park ( No jeep safari, only bus service ) , Chance of spotting Lion is nearly 100 percent. No need to book online, you can manage at local forest office.

Gir Jungle Trail : Sasan Gir

Now all permits Lion safari in Gir Jungle Trail are online so there is no off line quota system.

Jeep Safari Timings –

Morning : 6 AM to 9 AM & 9 AM to 12 PM

Evening : 3 PM to 6 PM

You can visit for information about Gir Forest Online Booking.

When you have online Permit then 30 minutes before the safari you need to report at forest office window for confirmation. All individuals from the group are not required to be available at the season of check, one individual from the group with ID proof of all individuals can check and gather the affirmed Permit from the window.

There is no need to hurry to be ahead of others in Queue for verification of permit, as there are different tracks ( out of 8 tracks ) to be allotted on rotation. Inside the Jungle also Lions can be spotted in any tracks as they keep on moving inside the Jungle.

During winter months it will be absolutely dull in early morning. Jeep safari begins at 6.15 lastly enter into Jungle at 6.30 AM. Sunlight accessible after 7.15 AM so to morning 45 minutes you will go in dull with just risk of spotting lion is through your Jeep head light.

Moving in an open Jeep in dark is extremely exciting experience. Keep adequate woolen dress covering your head and ear from morning icy conditions exposed atmospheres.

Roads inside the Jungle are kutcha only so dust will be flying with the movement of Jeeps so keep covering your head or wear a cap for better protection from dust.

Best time to visit Jungle trail :

Gir national park best time to visit is 16th Oct. to 15th June.  Gir forest is remains closed for visitor from 16th June to 15th Oct every year.There is more chance to spot animal in Gir forest is early in the morning, however there are equal chance in other timings also. Summer seasons are good for spotting the animals near water points.

Spotting Lion inside Gir Jungle

Total distance covered by jeep is almost 40 KM inside the Jungle and spotting of Lions chance is 50 percent. In addition to Asiatic Lion you can see deer, Blue Bull ,Sambhar, Chital, Black Buck, Wild Boar, peacocks etc. You can see several deer roaming freely inside.

It is not only animals but some huts you will find with families of Maldhari people staying with kids. Mostly they graze buffalos and cows for their living inside the forest. These people get compensation from forest department when any of their livestock is killed by Lion inside Gir forest. We could spot lion within 500 meters of a buffalo herd with its owner, the mail Lions was moving towards these group to capture one of them.

Gir National Park Entry Fees :

Gir national park entry fees with Jeep Safari is –

  • Up to 6 people (+1 youngster matured under 5 years) for Indian Rs. 5300
  • Up to 6 people (+1 youngster matured under 5 years) for Foreigner R 12800

The above price includes Jeep & Driver Charges, Permit Charges, Guide Charges, One Camera Charges, Online Payment Gateway Charges, Pickup & Drop facility from any of the Resorts / Hotels in GIR and Our Service Charges.

You can send your booking requirement to email id : or direct call contact No.- 7781809270

How to reach gir national park :

Junagadh is the most nearest approach to the park. The railway station there gets trains from Ahmedabad and Rajkot, and most important towns interstate. Then, it is an hour and a 1/2 by way of road to Sasan Gir. through Veraval, it is one hour. if you don’t need to take a taxi, pubic buses run often to Sasan Gir from both places in the course of the day.

The park is also easily reachable from the seashores of Diu, that are around two hours power away.
Rather, many tourist favor to take a private bus to Sasan Gir from Ahmedabad as it drops them right subsequent to the Sinh Sadan guest house and reception center. For this reason, it is greater handy than the teach. The journey takes seven hours, and buses may be arranged from the personal bus stand near Paldi bus prevent.