Book GIZ Devalia Gypsy Safari online and explore the untamed Gir

You visit to Gir National Park is not complete without going for the gypsy safari at GIZ, Devalia.  Watching prides of Asiatic Lion and other animals in their natural terrain is something that can really make your hairs spring up in excitement. Going for a gypsy safari across GIZ, gives you a rare opportunity to [...]

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Gir Jungle Trail

Whenever we talk about the Gir National Park, the first thing which crosses our mind is the world famous Asiatic Lion. It is one of the endangered species of the world and Gir Park is the only place where it is found in its natural habitat. On your visit to Gir, don’t miss out the [...]

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Gir National Park Opened For the Visitors

After an extended monsoon break, the Gir Sanctuary & National Park, Gujarat, India opens its gates to tourists on Tuesday 16th October. The Asiatic lions at the Gir Forest are a special attraction to tourists round the world. The park is that the sole home ground for Asiatic lions and is legendary for its wealthy [...]

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How To Reach Sasan Gir, Gujrat

Are you all set for the a Gir jungle safari?  Or do you plan to got for a Gir jungle trail with your group of nomads? By air- If you plan your journey to the Gir Park by air, drop down at the Keshod airport which is located about 70 Km from Sasan Gir. Another [...]

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Vaccination of lions at Gir raises questions

After the sudden death of 23 Asiatic Lion in the Gir National Park of Gujarat the government has begun to vaccinate the lions. According to PTI, about 300 ampoules of vaccine have been imported from Atlanta in the United States. With the vaccination of the lions at Gir, the efficacy of the Gujarat government has [...]

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Gir jungle trail and Devalia park jeep safari

Your visit to Gir is not complete if you have not gone for the famous Gir Jungle Trail in an open-roof jeep and spotted wild animals in their natural home. It is indeed a heart-pumping adventure for wildlife photographers and common tourists to watch the exotic flora and fauna of the region. While backpacking for [...]

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Death of 23 Asiatic lions in Gir forest demand public attention

The recent death of 23 Asiatic lions in their original habitat of Gir National Park has once again triggered the debate of finding a second home for them. The death toll has risen over an alarming rate in the recent past. Initially the officials of the Gir park inferred the cause of such rampant death [...]

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Gir National Park Tour Guide

Gir National Park Tour Guide How to Visit Sasan Gir Forest National Park in Gujarat to See Asiatic Lions within the Wild. Gir National park attracts crowd of tourists to visualize the Asiatic lion within the wilderness of Gir Forest, as it is the solely place within the world wherever these creatures are currently found. Once nearly afraid to extinction and listed as critically vulnerable in 2000, Asiatic lion numbers have recovered well because of best conservation efforts. The park's core zone that extends for [...]

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Gir Forest News – More then 650 Lions roars in Gujrat

Junagadh (Ahmedabad): Many forest areas out of doors the Gir Lion Sanctuary and national park are full with lions, mainly inside the age bracket of one to two year age. Gir national park and its close forests are jam-choked with majestic Asiatic lions (Indian lions). Within the last 2 years alone, the area has added concerning a hundred twenty five lions to its population. In 2015, the lion census pegged the population at the Gir forest park at 523. "Gir and its periphery have recorded a count [...]

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Mata Temple Jungle Safari in Gir

Kankai Mata Temple is located 45 kilometers from Sasan Gir in the middle of Gir National Park Forest.  This is desperately wild region, here you could get a chance to see lions and animals gathering at the nearby road, river and lake. A route is open in Gir Forest and you can go for visit [...]

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