Gir National Park:

The Kingdom of the Asiatic Lions

Wild lions are found in just two territories of the world and are classified into two subspecies - Asiatic lions and African lions. African lions live in central and southern Africa while Gir Forest of India is the exclusively dwelling place of Asiatic lions. These huge cats appearance practically identical and are subspecies of similar species, however totally different in size, environment and eating routine. As indicated by the most recent evaluation led in 2017, Gir National Park and its nearby forests are stick chocked with Asiatic lions (Indian lions). The quantity of Asiatic lion has expanded to 650 and there are 180 odd cubs between 1 and 2 years age among them.

Gir Sanctuary & National Park is popular as Sasan gir and Gir Van among wildlife lovers. The location of this dry deciduous forest is 43 km north-east of Somnath, 60 km south west of Amreli and 65 km south-east of Junagadh in Gujarat state. The total area of Gir Forest is 1882.6 in which 1412 is Protected Area and the rest of 470.5 sq. km forms a buffer zone as reserve, protected and unclassified forest. 258 sq. km of protected area is for Gir National Park (completely protected area) and 1153.4 is for the Sanctuary. An essential part of the Gir Protected Area is the 4 sq km spread known as the Gir Interpretation Zone, around 12 km from Sasan Gir, the base camp of the park. The Zone has a cross-area of wild life inside the park, and a visit here practically ensures a lion locating.

Established in 1965, protected by government forest department, wildlife activists and NGOs, Gir park is considered as the imperial kingdom of the Asiatic lions and perfect home for countless creatures. It’s various flora and fauna makes it a champion amongst the most vital ensured regions in Asia and is accessible for photograph safaris. Gir has changed into an incredibly steady, wonderful condition with huge recuperating, self-supporting and self-overseeing influence due to its rich and distinctive vegetation. The park supports a rich biodiversity: 606 blooming plants species, 39 species of warm blooded animals, 37 sorts of reptiles, around 300 sorts of birds and more than 2000 types of creepy crawlies. Other than lions, It likewise harbors a combination of risked and threatened species - antelope panthers, hyenas, deer, crocodiles, jackals and gives breeding ground to numerous migratory and resident birds. Gir has additionally the pride of being one of the densest convergences of panthers in India. Sufficient security and better implementation of protection procedures have brought about the dispersal of lions outside Gir National Park and Sanctuary. The lion's appropriation go has extended to 21 talukas in the 3 areas.

The tenacious forests of Gir expect essential part in keeping the environment coordinate, the saltiness levels at a low on the southern shoreline of Saurashtra helping smooth running of a couple of characteristic activities. Gir shapes a bit of the south central highlands in Saurashtra and the seven major rivers of the region are Shetrunji, Hiran, Saraswati, Shingoda, Machhundri, Raval and Datardi. There are four reservoirs at four dams and Kamleshwar Dam is the biggest in the region. The conduit Hiran is the unparalleled to stream year-round; with rest of the inflows being intermittent. The forest resuscitates the water table in view of attack and penetration in conjunction with soil and clamminess protection. Accordingly, Gir is an aid to ranchers possessing the fringe environs; it guarantees supported agrarian and plant generation.

Lion Darshan (Jungle Safari)

Tourism in Gir is permitted on a restricted and managed premise in distinguished eco-tourism zone close sasan-Gir to limit the pessimistic effect of travelers on Protected Area and wild life, also to give financial advantages to the nearby groups, to boost people groups' happiness amid their stay through instruction, education and to build the visitors' anxiety for nature and biodiversity preservation.

Gir Jungle Trail : Jeep Safari

Most of the visitors explore the Gir Lion Sanctuary searching for Asiatic Lions (Panthera Jeo persica). Tourists can encounter the savage thunder of lions meandering in prides, are best observed at first light or dusk when they are moving. To have an amazing Gir jeep safari with an assistance of a guide is valuable. The Gir Forest Department also deals with "Lion Shows" for much fun. They guarantee that you can see the lions at short vicinity so they send trackers early morning resolved to the discovered places and allure them with live draws. Visitors can book Gir jeep safari online 90 days before form the date of journey 

Gir Interpretation Zone (Devalia Safari Park)

Devalia Safari Park is encased scope of the Sanctuary that offers a better than average open entryway for visitors to experience a provincial shocker and wild of the domain. The safari visit is driven in a little transport that takes visitors to another cross section of the Gir. Visitors can watch here a not too bad grouping of wild life in just 30 minutes visit including Asiatic Lion

Attractions in Sasan Gir

Kamleshwar Dam : this is the most essential dam in the territory being worked over the Hiran River. Situated inside the region of Gir National Park, the Kamleshwar Dam really serves as a life saver of the reserve range where the vacationers can discover incredible varieties of bog crocodiles.

Tulsi Shyam Temple : this is a well knowntemple in the zone devoted to Lord Krishna. Individuals ensure shot visit to this temple where major hot springs close to the temple are the other significant attraction.

Crocodile Breeding Farm :The Crocodile Breeding Farm is an engaging spot to find out about the reproducing of the crocodiles. The farm is close to the SasanGir Reserve.

How to reach Sasan Gir

By Air : The nearest plane terminal is arranged at Diu at the partition of 92 kms, Rajkot air terminal arranged at the division of 160 kms and Ahmedabad air terminal arranged at the detachment of 350 kms from Sasan Gir.

By Rail : One can set out by rail to Junagadh or Rajkot from Ahmadabad and afterward take a 65 km road trip on transport or taxi to Sasan Gir.

By Road : Gir National Park is 60 km from Junagadh and 45 km from Somnath, the most generally perceived base for making a visit and 360 kms a long way from Ahmadabad. The primary focus is at Sasan Gir, and has a forest visitor house kept up by the park, simply inverse the railroad station.

Best time to visit Gir

Gir is open to tourists throughout the year except during the monsoon (16th Jun to 15th Oct.). The best time to visit the park is cool and dry climate between late-November and early-March.

Accommodation in Sasan Gir

Various amazing resorts and hotels are open to make the wildlife travel more express at Sasan Gir region. These resorts are ascribed with salubrious facilities and services to make your wild life visit charming and memorable. Fine the best names with us to settle on an ideal choice in the midst of your Gir National Park visit.

Gir National Park Travel Tips

Take official associates nearby you on the Jeep Safari trip. Wear loose and straightforward garments that blend with the jungle environment. Keep a lot of water close by you. Do whatever it takes not to trouble the animals in the midst of day time as most of the nighttime creatures rest amid day time. Make an effort not to endeavor to abrade the animals or make them furious by prodding them. Make an effort not to smoke inside the park. Do whatever it takes not to use streak or meddling photography. Picking of plants and frightening little creatures is totally blocked. Outside and picnicking isn't allowed inside the Gir National Park.